Getting Used To The Silver Bullet

We have been settling nicely into our new ride. New-to-us, that is. It is a Ford E-350, 2010, 18K miles.

It took us, oh...about 3 seconds flat to get it dirty. "Lived-in."

The kids are so proud, and keep telling everyone we have a new van...and asking if they want to see it. Elisabeth brought her piano teacher out to see it after her piano lesson on Monday.

I can't count how many times LK has proclaimed "I LOVE our new, big van!"

Lily's Kay's interpretation of our new van

After our first ride in The Silver Bullet, Noah made this pronouncement: "Our new van is SPECTACULAR!"

I am finally getting used to the fact that it is higher than our previous van. Much higher. I made a few not-so-graceful exits the first few days...half-sliding, half-falling right out of the driver's seat down to the pavement.

Coming from driving a mini-van, the driving and handling is really not very different at all, I'm very thankful to say. If I was just changing from a little sedan or something like that, it would be a different story.

When Jas and I were at the hotel over the weekend, our valet was much-impressed. When he drove it up to us, I slipped into the passenger seat as he said "This thing is AWESOME...it's like a battleship!"

Battleship...that's the way we roll now.


  1. Love it! Battleship is too funny!

  2. How many times did you honk the horn during your "graceful" exits before you found the right place to set your hand? It look me about 5 embarressing incidents.

    Have you loaded her down yet? We were fully loaded this past Sunday- our family, another family's kids, and 2 misc. kids. Put the loud ones in the far back row...you'll never know they are there! :)

  3. Well, my busy life has kept me "out of the loop." So glad all of those tests were okay....looks like a beautiful weekend....what hotel was that?

    And, no, no news on our homestudy.........more later on that one.



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