What ELSE I bought...

In this post I mentioned some books that I recently ordered (which I have received and am currently devouring), but I also added something else to that amazon order (gotta love that free shipping!).

Something I've had my eye on for months:

A Moby Wrap! And, yes, I ordered it in this beautiful blue color.

OH, I've been coveting these Moby wraps for a while now! I think I've become a Baby-wearing addict...and Gabriel is not even here yet!

Jas and I saw a woman put on a Moby wrap in person several months ago (in the airport on our Colorado trip, to be exact)...and we were both amazed. We both watched - while trying to pretend we were not watching - as she wrapped that thang all around her and VOILA, created the perfect nest to put her little babe in. We looked at each other with wide eyes - "THAT was so cool!"

And then a favorite blogger posted this. And my friend Kristin sent me home from North Carolina with her copy of The Baby Book (by Dr. William Sears) - and this father of 8 is a HUGE baby-wearing proponent. And then another favorite blogger posted this.

And I was sold.

When my Moby wrap showed up, I don't know who was more excited - the children or me!

They wanted me to try it on immediately (they didn't have to twist my arm), and Noah wanted to take my picture so bad he could hardly stand it. "Show me how to do it...I can do it!"

SO, introducing my new Moby wrap, from the height and perspective of my 7-year old.

Two things I learned from this:

I need to pull my Moby wrap tighter when I put it on...

...and if your 7-year old is going to take your pictures, it's best for him to just go ahead and cut off your whole head, so he doesn't capture a picture of the boogers in your nose.

Moby Wrap to carry my precious Gabriel around in? CHECK

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  1. Ella loved sleeping in her wrap when she was little. I didn't have a "real" Moby. Just bought 5.5 yards of jersey fabric and wrapped it the same way. I also loved it because Ella was born right before cold weather set in, so I could keep her close (and warmer) with the wrap. Here's a pic of her in her wrap :)



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