Getting Ready: Baby Wearing

My cousin recently asked me: "How are you going to handle having a baby, on top of your four kids...and homeschooling?!?!?"

My answer: "I'm going to WEAR that baby everywhere I go!"

I've already starting accumulating the tools I'll need to accomplish this. Laolao and Papa bought us an Ergo baby carrier (with the "Infant Insert").

Since I don't currently have anyone little enough to give our new Ergo a test drive...I improvised:

...and Elisabeth was happy for her pink dinosaur to help me!

AND, after getting a recommendation from a mama to 8 bio kids, I purchased a New Native Baby Carrier. (But I got mine on Ebay, so I paid just under $20 including shipping!)

Alas, the dinosaur was too big to help me test drive this sling.

So E's baby doll had to help me.

Baby-wearing equipment: Check!


  1. Hmmmm...I hadn't thought too much about that. That might be something that goes on my checklist, too! ;)

  2. That looks so sweet. You are getting ready to be the mama of a little tiny baby! I think you're beginning to glow!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And, God bless Lily Kay. She and Josie-Tatum should have a wall climbing contest. I often find her doing the same between our great room and kitchen.



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