My New Best Friend

Ahhhh! It's that time of year again. It's starting to cool down, some. Time to put our bathing suits away until next year. Time to start taking more walks and spending more time outside playing now that it's not 100 degrees anymore. Time to start to sounding all stuffed up, and having horrible pains in our sinuses and ears....

Wait! No, we don't want a repeat of last fall and winter - when we we all took turns being sick for 4 or 5 months!

Seasonal Allergies - that normally lead to bigger problems with us - have been trying to jump on all of us off-and-on for the past couple of months.

Thankyouverymuch, Golden Rods!

I never had allergy problems before moving here - but we now apparently reside in "The Allergy Capital of the World", according to my doctor's office.

It's only taken me 9 years to figure out how best to handle these allergies. I'm a quick study, as you can tell.

So what is the trick?

Well, I'm so glad you asked...let me introduce you to my new best friend:

Mrs. Neti Pot

While I haven't known Mrs. Neti Pot for long, we've formed a quick and deep attachment. In fact, she has become so important to me that she has traveled with me everywhere the past couple of months. To Destin. And to North Carolina....

AND, she is so good with my children also. They weren't too sure about her - at all - at first. But now they realize how much better they feel after spending time with her and they happily take her and go have quality time with her all by themselves now - they don't even need my help or supervision anymore!

(breathe a deep sigh right HERE that I didn't include any pictures of Mrs. Neti Pot during our quality time with her!)

We used to have a relationship with another, who shall remain nameless. He was too rough, too forceful. I swear I saw him on one occasion, force stuff up into poor E's ears, where it should not have been - thereby causing a horrible ear infection.

But then we met Mrs. Neti Pot...and threw old Mr. Nameless away. Seriously. In. the. garbage. Goodbye and Good riddance.

Mrs. Neti Pot has good manners...and she knows that she can get her job done without being too forceful or insistent.

And if Mrs. Neti Pot does occasionally need a little assistance, Mr. Sovereign Silver is very happy to oblige.

So, now you know my number one ally this winter. And after a conversation with my dear friend Vicki last week, I plan to introduce you to more of the allies in my arsenal soon...


  1. I am so clueless! Teach me, please!

  2. Joli - I love my Neti Pot, too! It is amazing. Since I was little, I would get very sick each year several times because of my sinuses not being able to drain and then causing yucky infections. Not anymore! That Neti Pot is a miracle worker! Our oldest son even uses one now and can beat any cold or congestion with it.

    janet and gang



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