The Reveal

I had a craft project for Lil Man's room floating around in my head. But I needed to know his first initial.

The pressure. The pressure...of a name. (Can you name that movie?)

Ever since I did the post a few days ago about our Name Debate...I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

By the way, my 1st choice had been (I unintentionally left it out the name post): Joseph

Love that name.


Ever since I did the post I have just automatically been referring to Lil Man in my head, every time I think of him...as Gabriel. It was not even a conscious decision to start doing that...it just started happening.

Is it because I saw that written on his adoption file in black-and-white (well, black-on-green, actually)?

Is it because it is just....right?!?!

It does feel right.

And so....our next son will be Gabriel.

Gabriel Thomas, to be more exact - with the "Thomas" being in honor of my father.

Gabriel (Hebrew): "God's able-bodied one", "Hero of God", "Strong Man of God", "God is my strength and courage"

I'll take any of those, any day. Oh, make it so, Lord Jesus.

(BTW - Jas has said that we will use the name "Joseph" for our next son. You are my witnesses!)


  1. How is it that we have spoken to each other twice today and you NEVER mentioned this monumental decision? ;) I love the name-good choice Jas!

  2. I like this name a lot! Love the meaning of "God's able-bodied one". It makes me think that God will use him for mighty things.

  3. Thank you, Julie!

    Vicki - THIS is one of the good reasons to have a blog: so that Jas and my mom and my "besties" will know all the stuff that I forget to tell them!



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