The Name Debate...And Daddy's Vote

We have been in the throes of a Name Debate of Epic Proportions for months now.

A couple months back, when people asked me what name we are going to use, I told them.

And Jas fielded similar questions himself.

But in later comparing notes, it turned out our answers were different!

It turns out we were each thinking that we'd discussed and settled on a name...but we had totally different names in mind!

It can be hard to start and finish a whole conversation with 4 littles.

So we're still working on the name thing.

And the children definitely want to have their say. And sometimes their "say" cracks. me. up!

So on Wednesday morning I took a piece of paper and pen and recorded for posterity just what they have to say so that Lil Man can laugh with us later.

We have a preponderance of good 'ol Biblical names on the list...but then with "Noah" and "Daniel" I guess the kiddos can tell what Jas and I are drawn to.

Without further ado, here are their choices:

Elisabeth - Elijah, Isaac, Matthew

Noah - Peter, Thomas, Gabriel, Jonathan, Simon Peter, Luke, Habakkuk

Daniel - Cutie, Goliath, Benjamin, Buddy, Billy, Paul, Aaron, Kami, Jimmy, Samson, Simon

Lily Kay - Thomas, Josie-Tatum, Joshua, Johnny Test, Pig Won't, Sandy, Diego

(I've just gone back and put into bold the names that the children told me (at the end of our conversation) were their Very Favorite First Choice Name.)

We had so much fun doing this exercise this morning! There are a few names on the above lists that have to be disqualified because they belong to family/friends that we're just too close to to duplicate...and some need to be disqualified because they're GIRL names. (Now you know how much Daniel loves you, though, Kami!)

I was doing some straightening/organizing not 20 minutes after this conversation with the kiddos and came across the expandable files that we use for our adoption paperwork. The first thing we do every time we know we're adopting again is go out and buy one of these 12-pocket Expandable Files to keep us straight while we're paperchasing.

Each child has his/her own file, and they each have their name on the front left, courtesy of my slightly OCD hubby. The green file is Lil Man's
...and this morning I noticed that it already has a name on it!

Jas has officially cast his vote:

Do not consider this post to be an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT OF LIL MAN'S NAME.

To be continued....


  1. I kinda like Diego, Lily Kay! That is too funny.

  2. This is too funny. I would frame it to remind them each day that thinking is a great thing..hahahhahahahah.... I like Gabriel also.. NOT siding with Jason I promise but, you didn't mention what name you liked most.

  3. Great name for the little man :)

    Ssshhh...this is a secret for Daniel. We like "Kami" too. So much so that if a #7 ever happens, that will be her name :)

  4. What names do you like? Andy and I always have so much trouble picking a name, but this time we had names picked out before we even knew the baby's gender!



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