The One Where Lily Kay Showed Her Bloomers in Church

My girls have recently received more beautiful hand-me-downs from their sweet little twin friends, Natalie and Neeleigh. (While I still consider Natalie and Neeleigh "little", we're so blessed that they're a little bigger than my girls!)

Our girls love to match, and it is usually at their instigation that they wear these matching outfits.

Eating at the "Car Place" for Daniel Day!

Going to church on Sunday

These cute little matching dresses in the above photo came with matching (bright orange!) bloomers. Elisabeth hasn't owned a dress with matching bloomers for several years - but she loves them! Lily Kay has never had a dress with matching bloomers. Elisabeth took very seriously her big-sisterly duty of showing LK how this whole thang worked: She was mortified that LK almost (horror of HORRORS!) put on her bloomers without first putting on panties ...and Libeth set her straight right quick! Once Lily Kay had the bloomer thing down...she loved it!

So I shouldn't have been too terribly surprised at what happened after church yesterday.

Our friend/neighbor Mrs. Lynn came over to visit with us. When she complimented Lily Kay on her pretty dress...Lily Kay hiked her dress right up to show off her bright orange bloomers to Mrs. Lynn!

She's apparently very proud of those things.

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  1. Oh my! Horrifying at the time, funny later, one of those mothering moments:)



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