Another Confluence

I had a fun confluence of circumstances a week and a half ago.

This past week, Lily Kay had a not-so-fun confluence of circumstances.

1. It was time for her once-a-quarter shot


2. It was time for another dentist appointment


3. It was time for another blood draw

What 5-year old is just going to love doing any of these things...much less all of these things within a couple days of each other??? But true-to-style, LK handled handled it all very well, considering.

First was a dentist appointment on Wednesday to place a crown on one of her teeth - or a "hat" as Dr. Page explained it to LK. I continue to be super-impressed with our pediatric dentist and all her staff. (One of the reasons Page is so great with kids is that, well, she's had lots of experience! She has three bio girls, 2 children adopted from China...and they're in the process of bringing home two more children from China right now.)

Even though LK cried earlier in the day at home, just talking about going to the dentist, we had a good pep talk and she did great at the dentist! She didn't even cry during the shot - as she was sure to tell everyone we saw for the next few days!

AND, anyone who gets close enough to LK has been sure to get a peek at her newest accessory:

Then on Wednesday afternoon, it was time for the shot that we have to give LK every 12 weeks to keep suppressed that precocious puberty that was trying to jump on her.

While she doesn't like this shot at all, she really handles it pretty well. She cries beforehand, and for a little while after the shot, but then she stops. It doesn't hurt that she gets plain M&Ms when the deed is done!

She sits in my lap and I hold her leg still between my knees. Daniel has a band-aid ready (that he'd picked out), Elisabeth stood ready with an ice pack, and Noah was there cheering her on also, and daddy gets to be the lucky one to actually administer the shot. This is truly a family affair!

Finally, Lily Kay has another endocrinologist appointment coming up in several weeks, so we had to have blood drawn to be ready for that appointment. To sweeten the deal (this was daddy's idea), she and daddy combined the blood draw with one of the weekly Daddy Breakfasts. So smart!

Getting ready to leave for their Breakfast/Blood Draw Combo! Can you tell by daddy's sleepy-looking eyes how early it was???

Now LK thought the whole thing was so much fun! And we put on her miracle EMLA cream at 5:30 a.m....and she didn't cry at all for the blood draw!


This girl is so smart. She knows that her quarterly shots will stop eventually - the doctor has said probably when she's 9-years old. So she asked me on Friday if these blood draws will stop then also. The truth: they will never stop. Never. Just like her 3-times daily medicine. Endocrinologists will always need to monitor her levels...and tinker with her daily medicine as a result. Aside from the Lord just spontaneously healing her of this adrenal issue...these things will always be in her life. Teaching her how to deal with this - how to be joyful and thankful no matter her circumstances - this is our job. And Jas and I are so blessed to walk through this with this amazingly precious girl.

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  1. What a brave girl!!! I love the attitude to be joyful in whatever circumstances. We haven't yet told the one who gets "monitor" procedures every six-nine months will likely need it undefinately- and that's the best case scenerio. I will keep that attitude in my backpocket for the day she learns that news...

    Blessings, Jennifer



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