Yes, we're still out of town.

And a Perfect Storm of sorts is brewing here.

A regular Confluence of Circumstances.

Circumstance #1:

I have lots of free-time here at the beach, as one might imagine. No cleaning...and not as much food prep (we're eating easy stuff, and I brought some of our frozen leftovers from home to eat for supper most nights).

I have freetime every afternoon during the children's nap/rest time (yes, we keep this up on vacation...my children have actually asked for it to be 2 hours every afternoon this week, instead of our normal 1.5...go figure), and I have hours of free-time after the children go to bed at night (which isn't at their normal 8 p.m., but it is still by 8:30 or 9 p.m.)...because I'm not going to bed at my normal time (12 p.m. or 1 a.m., instead of 10 p.m.) because I don't need to get up at my normal time (5 a.m.). (At the beach I get up when the children wake up, between 7 and 8 a.m.)

Follow all that?


During my free-time this week...

I've finished reading the magazines I brought (and I'm too cheap to buy any more).
I've finished reading the magazine that someone else left in the room.
I've finished reading the one appropriate magazine they had in the office.
I'm reading this book right now...but I can only digest so much from it at one time before I need to do something else for a while.
While we have cable here (which we don't have at home anymore) and it does have HGTV (which I used to love, Love, LOVE) I find that I have trouble watching people spend $70,000 on a kitchen remodel...now that I know how many children could be brought into loving Forever Families with that kind of money.

Circumstance #2:

Daddy was not here with us for the first 4 days...he arrived last night.

And he (unexpectedly to me) brought our laptop. For the first time this year, the little 25-room beach condo where my parents have owned two weeks for years - it has WIFI! step back...

I've been fumbling around with my Ipod Touch this week - just to keep from being buried by e-mail, and staying abreast of my favorite blogs.

But not doing any other blog work - or anything else - that required too much typing!

But now that daddy showed up (which we're all SO excited about!) - with the laptop! - I am apparently going to have a golden opportunity.

#1 (I've read everything in sight)


#2 (I have access to a computer for hours every afternoon and night)


#3: I plan to play around and make some blog changes that I've wanted to make for a while that I just usually don't have time for!

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