We're home...and I confess

We're home from the beach.

We had fun - so much fun - but it's always nice to be home. (Oh, how sad that would be if we weren't glad to get home after trips!)

I got some work done on the blog...but not as much as I'd hoped...and not as much as I should have gotten done.

Because I? Broke the laptop.

My parents' two weeks is at this precious little condo.

And every day during nap/rest time I spend the entire time on the patio...here:

Doing this...

Yes, my feet literally propped up, either reading, or (after Jas showed up with the laptop) working on the computer...and looking out over the ocean.

I know. I have a rough life.

And Saturday afternoon I got so much done on the laptop...and I was looking forward to one more night of hours of computer time.

And the bottom fell out that evening. We took the children out to eat to celebrate "Daniel Day" (the 4th anniversary of Daniel joining our family), at Daniel's choice of restaurant...and we had so much fun running in like crazy people and later running out like crazy people, trying not to get too wet...and the children apparently hearing the term "raining like cats and dogs" for the first time, and them thinking they could just insert any random animal "It's raining elephants!" "It's raining hippos!".

We had fun!

And then we walked back into the condo and I could see right through the window on the opposite wall onto the patio...and I could see the now-totally-wet-laptop right where I'd accidentally left it out on the patio!

ARGH! I could have kicked myself. That was so irresponsible.

It wouldn't turn on. Of course. Dead as a doornail.

Thankfully it is not our main computer. It is about 8 years old now, and not as robust as we now need...but it was a great back up and great to be able to take on trips (it's been to China 4 times!).

I'm surprised we didn't just chuck it in the trash at the condo before we headed home.

Then Jas....

I've mentioned before how brilliant he is...and I'm totally. not. exaggerating.

All of a sudden this morning, he had the laptop (yes, the drowned one!) fired up on our kitchen counter!


He had put it in the warm oven overnight.

Whodda thunk it???

Oh, this brilliant man-of-mine!

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  1. Totally not funny about the wet laptop, but what Jason did to revive it is just great!!



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