Father's Day - 2011

Father's Day 2011 also happened to be our last day at the beach this year. We had such a nice day...and I think daddy would agree!

It started with the chitlins making breakfast for daddy. Yes, all by themselves!

(o.k. I only went out to the kitchen once to plug in the toaster...and then, o.k., once when Elisabeth called out "I smell smoke!" No, we don't have a toaster at home, so she's not familiar with them. It makes alot more sense to just use your broiler when you're making 8-10 pieces of toast at a time.)

Chitlins bringing daddy breakfast in bed:

The menu: Toasted english muffin with butter and jelly...and blackberries

Daddy reading all of his cards:

Elisabeth actually made a book this year...and yes in addition to her proclamations of undying love for "The Best Daddy in the World", she threw in assorted facts about seals that she'd copied out of one of the books we brought from our library.

Where was Noah during all of these festivities?

Let's just say that he was having a "time-in" next to me...and leave it at that. (Oh, this boy can only handle about 5 days of being away from home, and his bed, and our schedule before...well, it really makes me want to get home!)

And here is photographic evidence that mama is crazy! I accidentally gave the kiddos the wrong bag of stuff to put in daddy's gift bag...so here is daddy opening my new swim suit cover up that I just bought!

O.k., this is more like it...Two new shirts for daddy, because he is so smart and is never wrong...

"I May Be Wrong...But I Doubt It."

...and we always joke about him being a ninja! (Like when he snatches flies out of midair with his bare hand!)

"Trust Me. I'm a Ninja!"

I loved how I found these two t-shirts that totally play off jokes that we have here in our family!

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! You really are the best daddy in the whole world!

AND, you're the best wrestler in the whole world also!

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