Beach Trip - 2011: Still Wrapped...

Whether it is in our frontyard...or on the beach, this big brother still feels the same way about his little sister.

Yes, she still has him wrapped around her little finger.

Noah is fascinated by Lily Kay.

He is tickled by Lily Kay.

He is totally entertained by Lily Kay.

Noah has a special laugh that is reserved for Lily Kay, and her alone.

He once asked me - in all seriousness - "Did God just make Lily Kay crazy???"

And by "crazy" he meant all good things, like "funny" and "hilarious".

And Lily Kay is pretty fond of Noah also.

I wish I'd gotten video of this at the beach...

...because these pictures don't capture the absolute squeals of delight that came out of Lily Kay's mouth during this entire episode.


  1. I'm so glad she has him wrapped! What a sweet relationship they have!



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