"I'm In Contact"

There is a house for sale right around the corner from us.

Noah apparently likes this house.


Tonight at supper he totally cracked Jas and I up:

Noah: "God supplies our needs, right?"

Me: "Yeeesssss." (wondering where this is headed)

Noah: "Well, if God gives daddy alot of money, I'm going to take it as a sign that we're supposed to buy that house."

Me: "Huh? Which house?" (I'm a little slow, does he mean building a house out on Papa's farm, which we've discussed? Or the house that he has mentioned having designs on before - right next door to our church?)

Noah: "The one for sale over there." (pointing the right direction)

Me: "You mean the BIG house?"

Noah: (smilng) "Yes, that one. I've been praying about it. (Bringing his fist down on the table for emphasis) I'm in contact!"

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