Elisabeth is Eight!

Elisabeth's birthday falls during the assigned beach timeshare weeks every year.

Not a bad place to spend your birthday.

Except that we're not around our friends, and the rest of our family.

Which means? That Libeth received lots of birthday well-wishes over the phone on her big day!

What else did she receive on her big day?

A jewelry organizer (like she mentioned several months ago, but didn't remember telling me...so she was so surprised and delighted, "How did you know, mama?!? That's exactly what I wanted!")

And from Laoli and Papa a watch (like she'd also mentioned...and promptly forgot, so again the surprise!)

...and a clipboard and fancy pen. (Which is a BIG hit and is proof how much Laoli knows her precious granddaughter!)

She also received from mama and daddy a Math Slam. I am happy to report that she is loving this!

And everyone else is loving it also! AND they're doing math! (My devious plan - bwa-ha-ha!)

The birthday girl also got to pick where Laoli took us to eat that night.

Her choice? Olive Garden. (Smart girl! And not a place that we have as a choice in our small town...or any of the small towns surrounding us!)

Now that I've duly recorded all the facts from that day...it's time for me to get misty-eyed....

When did it happen?

When did my baby girl get so big?

Turning two at the beach in 2005

I used to just nod and smile when people (including my mom) talked about how "fast they grow up!" "Don't blink...or they'll be gone!"

I don't nod and smile anymore.

Now I shake my head despondently...

...and try not to cry.

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  1. Happy Birthday Elisabeth!!! You are going to be such a sweet big sister to the new little one who will join you!

    Blessings, Jennifer



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