Salt OD

The Salt Madness continues here at our house.

As I've said before - Lily Kay is LOVING it...and so is her renin level!

And, as I've also said before, it is so hard to watch and not cringe - like this morning when she salted her toast.

But, I was very glad for the discovery we made over the weekend...

Jas was lucky enough to be the Officer-On-Duty at the bank this past Saturday. When Daddy works on Saturday morning that means one thing around here: breakfast out with Laoli!

So, we went to our usual haunt. It has been years since I've been there for lunch or supper - it is a good southern cooking kind of place and uses WAY too much salt and grease for my taste. But their breakfast fare - yummy!

Lily Kay ordered their biscuits and gravy. Now I think it comes plenty salty straight from the kitchen...but she tasted it and then loaded it up with way more salt (you could just sit it sitting on top of the gravy - yuck!).

And then, yep, after eating a few more bites, she decided she was done. At first she said she was full. But this little girl eats more than me at every. single. meal....so I knew she wasn't full. When I pressed her a little more, she said it was too salty. "Too saucy". She ended up eating the rest of my breakfast.

I was just so glad to find out that her taste for salt, salt and more salt actually does have a limit.

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