First Swim in "Our" Pool - 2011

The warmer weather means shorts, flip flops, and...


We've been swimming a couple times the last couple of weeks...but Monday was the first time we went swimming in "our" pool!

You know, our pool I mentioned here that isn't really - technically - in our backyard!

Mrs. Lynn texted me a few days ago to let me know that "our" pool was ready and open for the Summer 2011 season.


The cutest Pool cleaning crew I've ever seen!

Elisabeth and Noah stood together and were supposed to jump in together - Elisabeth balked!

But Noah was fine - and he thought it felt great!

Back to Elisabeth...

she was afraid it might be cold.

So she hemmed...

...and she hawwed...

...and she tested it...

...and she finally JUMPED!

Feels wonderful!

And Daniel has apparently grown another set of eyes and needs TWO pair of goggles!

Thank you Mrs. Lynn and Mr. Robbie - we can't wait to swim with you this summer!

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