Results from our Salt, Salt, and more Salt Campaign

I mentioned here how we've been working to get one of Lily Kay's levels to a better place.

- We have increased the dose of her "yellow messin" (medicine), AND

- LK now has total control over her very own salt shaker. (she has LOVED this!)

It is working. I spoke with her Endocrinologist's office about the results from last week's blood draw. Her renin level is good now - YAY!

AND, my dear friend Anna took LK's blood pressure that we were supposed to report to the doctor's office. 100/78. They said that was good also - YAY!

"Continue current management plan".

We can do that! YAY!

1 comment:

  1. So glad, and I am also so glad that the Dr. said Noah's swelling is normal. :)



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