I Pulled My Head Out Of The Sand

And I'm so glad I did!

This situation is the perfect example of why being an Expert Worrier is so silly!

I called and left Dr. M a message today. She called back while I was out tonight milking the girls, and I, of course, had accidentally forgotten my cell phone back at the house. argh!

But Jas got to talk with her, and he took extremely good notes from their conversation and then read them back to her because, he told her, "Joli will want to know what you said verbatim!"

Smart man.

So, after Jas described the bulge - giving measurements, how it feels, etc. - Dr. M said that this in fact sounds very normal and o.k.

I was thinking that surely the swelling should be gone by 2.5 weeks later...but she said that it could take 2 months to go completely away!

She also gave us other signs to look for that would indicate a problem. But Noah doesn't have any of these.

YAY - I'm so glad I pulled my head out!

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