Abby's Orphan Awareness Talk

Our homeschool group was recently blessed to have Abby come and speak with our children about Orphan Awareness.

Yes, the Abby that I've spoken about in the past (here, there and over yonder).

She brought real pictures of real orphans, that she'd taken during her time in China two summers ago.

And she shared with our children about the huge problem that faces so many millions of children around the world...and she did it in a very personal and on-their-level sort of way.

And then, our children went to work decorating little boxes that they will use to collect money over the next few months.

Money that we will come together and collect in May, and give to an Orphan Assistance agency.

But Abby won't be here in May to see us gather up the collected money...

...because she will be in China.

She's leaving this Friday. And I'm going to follow along every step of the way. If you'd like to follow along also, you can find here blog here. But be warned: Be ready to be challenged by the Faith-Put-Into-Action of a 20-year old!

We love you and we'll miss you, Abby! Our prayers go with you!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Wow, how COOL! Love that your kiddos are learning to love others less fortunate at such a young age :)

  2. We're joining you guys on this project! The girls made their money jars yesterday. When do you want the money? End of April??

  3. YAY, Cara! I'm so glad y'all are joining in - wHat a great idea! Now y'all need to plan to bring the jars to us IN PERSON! End of April would definitely be fine! YAY!



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