My boys have been on a Joke Rampage the last few days. (Maybe they were trying to entertain themselves while it's been colder-than-usual outside and mama has been In-The-Bed-Sick. I dunno. Just guessing.)

Anyway, here are a couple of gems that Noah came up with...

Noah: Where do germs live?

Mama: Where?

Noah: Germany! Get it?!?! GERMany!

Noah: Where do hampsters live?

Mama: Where?

Noah: New Hampshire. Get it??? New HAMPshire!

And then, Daniel - not to be outdone by his big bro - came out with this humdinger...

Daniel: Why could the pig not roll in the mud?

Mama: Why?

Daniel: Because it wasn't a pig. Did I did tease you??? (sic)

Too cute. Maybe not "too funny"...but definitely "too cute"!

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