One Year with Lily Kay

While we'd known since July 7, 2009 that Yan Zi Bing was our daughter...it was one year ago today that we finally got to meet her in person.

Our first glimpse of her was through this doorway into this crowded room...the striped pants and precious little sparkly red shoes belong to her.

And here the uncomfortable and anxious look belongs to her.

What was she thinking? What was going through that little brain?

What were they leaned over saying to her?
I imagine it was something like: "This is your mama and baba...go to your mama and baba."

But of course while we'd known for months about her, she knew nothing about us... or the huge change that was coming. (We have no reason to think that her orphanage showed her the album that we sent to help prepare her).

So, Yan Zi Bing was scared and confused....and, well...s c a r e d.

So much so that she refused to sleep near us - or on a bed - the first night.

Or the second night.

Fast forward one year...

It boggles my mind that this is that same scared little girl.

This ham?

This jokester?

This joyful and brimming-to-the-top-with-energy-for-life girl?

This girl who is so open to receiving love? And so giving of love???

Yes, it is the same child.

Take one orphan...

add two parents (nothing even special about those particular parents...practically any two parents will do)

= A Miracle...right before your very eyes.

A miracle in the child.

And a miracle in the parents.

Happy Adoption Day, Lily Kay! We are so blessed to be your mama and daddy - we love you, baby girl!


  1. We are all so blessed to know Miss Lily Kay. How did we ever manage without her? She is an absolute treasure. We love you Lily Kay!

  2. Can you believe it's been one year since seeing all of our China treasures?!! Wow! What a difference God can make in one year!

    Hugs from Indy
    the bourkes

  3. Happy One Year Lily Kay!!! You just shine!!!! Blessings, Jennifer

  4. Wow! What a transformation! I am so amazed by the blessings of adoption. We love you, Lily Kay!



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