This boy....

...is a party waiting to happen.

(And considering that several more of our children are like that also - with the remaining being more reserved - things are always hopping around here!)

Now that G is so talkative - downright articulate, even - he comes out with some funny stuff.

Here are some things that Gabriel is currently saying, that he won't say forever...and I never want to forget:

Gabriel is a HUGE fan of music...but he calls it "muskick."

Anything that happened before today, happened "last day."  I have to listen real hard to his stories to figure out what previous event he is talking about, because while he could be talking about something that happened last year, or last week...he claims it happened "last day." "Remember when such-and-such happened last day, mama?!?"

If G thinks something is real neat or awesome, he says it is "impressive."  "That was an impressive shot!"  (This is straight out of his daddy's mouth.)

When G does not know the answer to a question, instead of saying, "I don't know,"  he says, "I can't know."  (with a shrug of his precious little shoulders)

And finally....Noah relayed this story to us, of a conversation he recently shared with Gabriel: Gabriel observed to Noah that Abigail does not have a pee-pee like he does.  Noah said that no, she doesn't, because she is a girl.  Gabriel - in a move of great generosity - offered to buy one for her.


  1. lol! That's awesome. He is so generous!

  2. He's so cute! And I love the spidergirl-fairy! :)

  3. He's so cute! And I love the spidergirl-fairy! :)



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