Wait...Exactly WHO are You?!?

In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Colin yesterday, we had a limb down in our frontyard, under our big, beautiful oak.  

G was obsessed.  He started in just after rest-time when he spotted it through the window.  "I want to go get that limb."  

But it was raining.

And it kept raining...and it kept raining (2.5 inches). "We can go get it tomorrow, buddy...when it isn't raining anymore."

And you can bet that G-man did not forget that I said this.

The first thing out of his mouth this morning, "You said I can go get that limb today."  

"I think it weighs more than you think, buddy."

"Don't worry, I am Spiderman...I am strong!"

But it was heavy....and he couldn't get it.

Wait...he wasn't Spiderman!

He looks so tall and lean in this pic, it makes me want to cry

It was BATman!

Maybe that was the trouble!

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