Uncle Jared's Visit

Jason has two younger brothers.   (Yes, we are both first-borns, and somehow it works fine for us).  The only bad thing I can say about Robert and Jared is that they live all the way across the country.

This was during our cross-country driving trip to CO last year:

LR: Jason (oldest), Jared (youngest), Robert (middle)

Well, Jared was able to come visit over the weekend.  He is here in our state on business (only 1.5 hours away) for two weeks, and got to spend the weekend in between with us!

We had a great time with Jared and did NOT want him to leave last night!

We played and swam, and played some more...

and swam some more.

Jared has four children, and our children adore their cousins...so they loved video-chatting with them:

We decided to take (just a little bit of) advantage of Jared's skills while he was here.  He needed to earn his keep, you know!  The steps on the chicken coop had had it...and we haven't had any for, oh...a year now.  But after Jas and Jared (and G and LK) worked for a bit, we now have new steps (using repurposed wood, thankfully. I didn't want brand spanking new wood with the old wood of the coop!)

The guys also fixed some shingles on Jason's shed, and then went down to my parents' farm and helped dad with his "condo stand" which is too big for one person to manhandle.

Jared was 14 when I first met him.  

Jared at 17, in our wedding

To see the man/father/husband he has grown into is just so awesome.  I couldn't be prouder of him if I was his mother!

More than one of my kiddos has lamented today, "I miss Uncle Jared!"  And I do too!

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