Totally Random Things I Want to Remember about Noah at 12 years 3 months Old

He does not like having his picture taken these days.

He wants to be an architect when he grows up.  He has been sketching house designs recently...and was so excited when I surprised him with some graph paper (never knew a 98 cent purchase could make anyone so happy!).  He also has been using "SketchUp" to do some designing.

Or he may want to sell cars.  "And they don't have to be Ferraris.  I would even sell Toyotas."  

Or he may want to be a weatherman.  On television.  As much as I think of him as shy, he is not afraid to be on camera (as he demonstrated in the video that our Yearbook committee filmed for the end-of-the-year party).  And he is obsessed with weather.  He checks the weather app multiple times a day.  He stays on top of severe weather warnings or tornado watches.  I listened in this morning as he explained the causes and whys/wherefors of tornados to D and LK...color me impressed!

But ultimately, he says he just wants to do what the Lord wants him to do.

Noah loves reading non-fiction.  Noah does not like reading fiction.  "It is not even real, mom!"

He still has a love affair going on with Chippyye (who recently celebrated a birthday, as Noah made sure we all knew).  Chippyye makes appearances all over the house...and is looking worse for the wear.  (She is six years old, after all.)

And speaking of worse-for-the-wear?  Noah's blanket also makes frequent appearances at the dining room table during Noah's independent school work time.  He picks at his blanket...and you can tell.  He can (and does) stick his head through one of the holes that is big enough...and wears it like a cape.  Noah just told me yesterday (again) that he is so glad that we brought his blanket to China for him...and that he loves it "even more than Chippyye...and that is saying something!"  Yes, it is.

He is smack-dab between being a serious tween....and my little boy.

Noah loves, LOVES all things Apple.  He asked for an Apple bedding set for Christmas.  He knows everything about Apple products.  And Steve Jobs.  He knows all this because he has done his research - requesting (by himself) and checking out multiple books on Steve Jobs.

He is still in speech therapy for his /r/ sound.  He would very much like to be done with speech.  He loves Mrs. Vicki!  Speech? Not so much.  Right now we have an agreement in effect that he will give it his all until the end of the summer and we'll re-evaluate.

He has been researching and learning a British accent.  In fact, he is fascinated with all things UK.  He loves the Union Jack ("No offense to the American flag, mama.") and even painted one for this room recently (with his own twist on some of the colors).  He has been looking up tutorials on learning how to use a British accent.  He's taking (good!) notes, and explaining really interesting things to me.

(I wonder if he wants to speak with a British accent because they don't use the /r/ sound?!?)

I think Noah is going to be sorely disappointed when he fully grasps that he can't use this language work as a foreign language for high school credit.

He now speaks about getting married and having children as if it is a foregone conclusion.  This is such a relief to this mama...because I totally believed him when he said (for YEARS!) that he was NOT getting married when he grew up.

He wants to live in a big city when he grows up.  Because that is where all the highways (and thus, cars!) are.

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