On Our Way Home...

On our way home from our business trip on Friday, we made a surprise "pit" stop for Noah. (Pun totally intended)

It had to do with cars.  

Of course it did.

This was Jason's idea...and a brilliant one at that.

Not until we pulled into the parking lot of the dealership did Noah know what was up.

This was NOT just your typical dealership, like we've visited multiple times before.

No, this was a dealership that sells Maseratis...

...and Ferraris...

...and they had one Lamborghini:

Noah beamed from ear-to-ear as we walked around the showroom.

The nice, young salesman (I feel so old saying that) offered to start up this car for us (I'm sure he just hates getting the chance to do this):

When daddy got permission for Noah to actually sit in this Ferrari F12...Noah really beamed:

And beamed some more.

And then beamed some more.

The MSRP on this little number Noah is sitting in?  Approximately 3 times what we paid for our 4bed/4bath house on 2.5 acres.  (Please notice that I'm withholding snarky comments on the utter ridiculousness of anyone paying this much FOR A CAR!  Aren't I a good mama?)

Guess what Noah's favorite part of our trip last week turned out to be?

I know the answer...

...because he has mentioned it multiple times since we left the dealership on Friday!

While I admittedly totally do NOT get the love of cars thing, I sure do love this boy...and I'm so glad we made this stop on our way home!

(This post was proofed by our Resident Car Expert...and he actually did catch a mistake I made!  "I don't mean to offend you, mama...but...")

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