The Babies' "New" Room

Considering that one of my "babies" just turned 4-years old, I may need to come up with a new term of endearment...but, naw, he will always be my "baby"!

That is the big girls' door you spy on the other side of the hallway

Our house has 4 bedrooms, and every room currently has 2 people in it.  Each person in our family shares a room with someone else - including Jas and I!

When A was 11 months old and was ready to move out of our master bedroom, we briefly tried her in the big girls' room.  It went ok, and we certainly could make it work, but it quickly occurred to us that it would work better logistically if we had the youngest two share a room. (G had a room all to himself at that point.)  They won't share for forever - but for right now it works great...and we all love it!

Once I realized that this arrangement was going to stick for a while, I wanted to make the room look nicer...but without spending much money (always looking to be frugal!).  

When we first moved Abigail in the room, G was still using the crib (that was setup as a daybed - with the side taken off), and A was using a pack-n-play.  So our first change was to put the crib side back on, and have A start sleeping in the crib.  And Mr. G moved to a precious toddler bed.  

Dr. Kathy gave us this toddler bed several years ago.  We hadn't needed it until now, but it was so cute and I knew we would one day use/need it, so we held on to it...so glad we have this!  I found G some "toddler" bed-sized bedding with a "Mighty Sheen" (aka Might Machine) theme, and was he ever thrilled!

The only other new thing I purchased for the room was movable decals to decorate above each of their beds.  The decals were $9 and $13 each on amazon.  

I found these "Mighty Sheen"/ Construction decals for G:

Placing these decals was like pure torture for this girl.  Good thing they are movable!  I moved, and moved some more...and then tweaked more...and more...for days!

And I found these cute Flower/Bug decals for A's crib:

I ordered the pink satin sheet (to protect A's hair) on Etsy

One funny: The pillowcase on G's bed has this digger on one side....

"Peter" sleeps with G at night, and rests on the bed during the day

...and a different machine (dump truck?) on the other.  I had not even noticed that the sides were different, but one day soon after we got the bedding G became very agitated and asked where his pillow was.  It was right there in front of him, but he said, "No...MY pillow!  With the digger!"  He certainly had noticed that the sides were different, and he much prefers THIS side...thankyouverymuch!

And I almost forgot the last two things I bought for their room:  the letters A and G.  I picked them up at Hobby Lobby for about $3 each.  We already had the correct paint colors (which just made me smile)...and voila!  

Between the window, two closets, and two doors, furniture placement is kind of tricky in this room.  One other furnishing in the room is the "picket fence" bookshelf that Jas built before Elisabeth came home:

G and A love picking books off this bookshelf for us to read to them!

This white chest of drawers is a wonderful hand-me-down from my parents.  It has quite a bit of storage, but it's (very) vertical nature means it doesn't have a big footprint:

And finally, this little wooden cradle holds all manner (and all hues) of precious babies:

One last funny:  As I sat in their room snapping pics, Miss A did laps - through the hall, into the big boys' room, through the Jack-n-Jill bath, into/through her room...and on...and on:

Look at the speeding bullet heading out her door...again

I am so pleased with their precious little room, and so thankful that we 
were able to make it so cute so affordably!


  1. When we had a small boy/girl pair sharing a room, we went with lime green walls, too. :) I did a panda theme for it.

    The bookcase is darling! But the books are way too neat, lol.

  2. I am a tad bit perfectionist about their bookshelves, Shecki Grtlyblesd, lol! I have largely overcome (given up in utter defeat!) my perfectionist tendencies as our family has grown larger, but this is my one, last, little corner of perfection. Notice how the books on the top and bottom shelves are in height order. And the middle shelf? They are all Dr. Seuss and all the same height, so I have them arranged in ROYGBIV. (or as close as I can get it) I fix the shelves any time books are out on the floor or out of "order"! It makes me smile! (If you are worried about me after reading this, a glance at the three very large IKEA shelves in the dining/school room would reassure you that I am no perfectionist!



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