Miscellany Monday, March 14, 2016: Musical, Date...and Missing Eggs!

This past weekend Elisabeth and I were blessed to have a "date" with my dear friend Vicki and her daughter Sophie.

We first ate supper together at a local fresh Mexican place.  (I have never been there on a Friday night before, it is apparently the place. to. be.  Everybody and their brother was there Friday night!) 

Our next stop was to see a musical that Elisabeth's sweet friend was starring in.  We had a great time!

Never mind the 4 year age difference, Sophie and Elisabeth have always been big buds.  Their time together almost always involves painting nails, so it was fun to do something different!


From a high of collecting about 18-20 per day, our total per day had recently dropped and we were only collecting about 10-14 per day.  Hmmmph.

The girls were getting enough food, water, light.  What was up?!?

And then Lily Kay came running in one afternoon this past week, "Mama!  You are NOT going to believe it!"

She had stumbled upon this stash of eggs that was tucked into a neglected corner behind the shed:

Thirty-one eggs.  31 EGGS!!!!!

I was so bummed and upset.  The thought of having to throw all those eggs away made me sick.

But then I remembered the freshness test I'd read about: put eggs into a bowl/cup of water to see if they float or sink.  Sink, good.  Float, throw away.  And it hadn't been hot those days, and we don't have a rooster anymore (he attacked us one too many times), so they weren't fertilized.

So we tested the eggs one by one over the next couple of days as we needed eggs (we go through LOTS of eggs here!) and they all turned out to be fine.  Phew.  

And you can be sure we are checking around the back yard extra good after that little episode.


For Christmas my friend Kathy (or "Dr. Kathy" to our kiddos) gave Jas and I a gift certificate to go out to supper....AND a handwritten note stating that she and Dr. Matt would babysit the children WHILE we went to to eat.

Why it took me 2.5 months to get this scheduled I have no idea.  The kiddos have been chomping at the bit to play with Dr. Kathy and Dr. Matt!

Everyone had just as much fun as was expected.

We intentionally left the animal chores so that the kiddos could "teach" Kathy and Matt how to do the chickens and cows.  Gabriel got his boots on the second they arrived and was rather impatient to get out there and show them.

I got the low-down on the night's agenda later...

After animals the children and Dr. Matt jumped (and jumped) on the trampoline until they all got sweaty.  Then they took showers/baths (we had church the following morning, so I was so thankful they took care of this!).

And then...they finally ate the supper I had waiting on all of them.

Then it was time for the babies to head to bed.

THEN...the big kiddos had Kathy and Matt all to themselves, which they had been waiting for!  They had big plans for all the games they were going to teach them and play with them.  They ended up doing origami, making paper airplanes, and playing Love Letter.

We arrived home right about 9 p.m.  Needless to say, our four were not happy to see us, and wanted us to turn around and leave until about midnight.  And Kathy and Matt weren't in a hurry to leave, and they stayed for another 45 minutes or so after we got home, to finish their dramatic game.

It was a wonderful evening all around.  We are so blessed to have Dr. Kathy and Dr. Matt in our lives!


We love our local library.  Love!

We know they librarians by name, and they know us.  One of them has been there long enough to see us add (and add more) children to our family.

The new manager has been there for about a year to a year and a half now.  A young (so young!) woman who is so sweet.

Abigail has gone from always being worn in the Ergo on my back, to being corralled in the stroller during our entire visits...to finally being allowed to walk in the library.  Someone is usually assigned to her while we're there, though.

This past visit, I thought I would just keep an eye on her and see how she did without someone assigned to her.

She pretty quickly took a book and toddled inside the big center desk of the librarians, and was very happy to plop herself in Mrs. H's lap when the manager invited her:

I loved, loved the library when I was a child.  I thought it was a magical, wonderful place.  I pray - and believe - my children feel the same way.

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  1. Ack! You got the good guacamole I hope?!!?! Great stuff here! Miss you! <3



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