Gabriel's First Professional Haircut

As much as I would like to think that I can do anything (haha!), I am very aware of my limitations.  And cutting Gabriel's hair into a culturally appropriate style for a little black boy?  Not in my repertoire.  

Not that we didn't try, though.  We have been cutting his hair with clippers since shortly after he turned one year old.  But as he has gotten older, it was time for his edges to be "lined up" and for him to have a "fade", which is what many/most of the young black boys have in our area.  

I did try to line up his edges myself once, about two months ago.  I watched bookoodles of YouTube videos, and then went to town on his head out in our carport.  I did such a good job (not), that I never posted pictures of it.  And cutting a fade?  No way could I do that!

So we started talking up a trip to the barbershop.  We have been reading Bippity Bop Barbershop with G-man, and he was all sorts of pumped up...so Saturday morning he and daddy headed out to the barbershop recommended by Missy A's daddy.  Only daddy and G went (I had such a hard time not going!), but Jas took lots of good pictures and gave me the blow-by-blow when they got home.  

He was SOOO excited...check out the smirk on his face

They waited 2 hours.  Holy moly!  It was standing room only when Jas and G first walked in the shop.

That is a long time to wait, but Jas said that G did ok (he did drum on some chairs a little).

Picking out G's hair before the cutting begins

So...lesson learned: Saturday morning is not the best time to show up at the barbershop unless you want to wait forever.  We won't make that mistake again.  But Jas and G-man were not in a hurry, thankfully.

In Bippity Bop Barbershop, the little boy is scared of the clippers, but Gabriel wasn't at all since we've been using them on him for 3 years now.

Jas said he thinks the haircut itself took about 10 minutes.  G did really good during the haircut, except he kept trying to sneak peeks of himself in the mirror.  

I took "before" pictures as G and daddy headed out:

And here are the "after" pictures:

I sure do wish our little guy had some personality.

He is so handsome, I can hardly stand it.

I  love this little guy so much.  It is so exciting seeing him reach new little "milestones" like this!

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