The (False?) Confidence You Get From Watching a Few YouTube Videos

A few days ago I mentioned Gabriel needing a haircut...and I said we were going to take him to a barbershop.  

And then I got to thinking...(uh oh)

There must be a YouTube video showing us "How to cut hair on a cute little black baby".  Amazingly enough, there were no videos with just such a title.  But after poking around a little, I did find some helpful videos for cutting a "fade" on black boys and mens' hair.  I watched them during afternoon rest-time...

And then we decided to just do our own thing.

We put the 1/4" guard on the clippers and went to town.


Look how trustingly he gazed up at Jas.  Sucka!


"Whatcha doin' daddy?"

"Oh, this isn't so bad."

"Wait, wait...huh?  Wha???"

"This crazy man is trying to KILL ME!!!"

The evidence left at the scene of the crime

"Well, he didn't kill me after all...but I surely did NOT enjoy that."

Results?  Not sure yet.  He looks adorable...no doubt.  He could be totally bald and still look adorable.  I snipped a few places here and there with the scissors this morning.  Wow, "sproingy hair" (Noah's description) is kind of hard to cut!

We just want to make sure we do right by our little guy.  Jas' observation this morning: "I just don't want it to look like we can't afford to get his hair cut right!"  Me either.

So, when you see us in person over the next few days, give me your honest opinion...pretty please!


  1. I think he looks adorable. Good job!

  2. From the picture, it looks great! I tried cutting Jim's hair once for his Army cut, he wound up bald :) Now I don't even attempt!



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