At Our House this past week...

We've been unusually busy recently (explanations to come) and I've been remiss about recording the goings-on around here.  I want to change that...but for now I just need to slap some happenings down into a quick post.

....we celebrated the fact that Miss Lily Kay has been home for 3 years now

Jas and Elisabeth went to the annual Father/Daughter dance again...

...and again, they had a great time!  My little girl now knows the macarena...oh. my. word.

(And again, LK passed on the opportunity to go.  Our not-so-girlie-girl would rather have her fingernails pulled out than have to get dressed up and go dancing. bleckkkkk! )

Our littlest guy has started consistently crawling on all fours...

...and it is such a cute thing to see his little rump waddle back and forth as he putters forward.

And he's pretty pleased with himself.

And he doesn't stay put anywhere for long...

...and my work load has just increased by about 20-fold.

Oh.....and we're moving....

...and we've decided that we will, in fact, take all these cute chitlins with us!

....more to come...


  1. Sure know how to keep us on our toes....Beautiful picture of Elizabeth.

  2. So did you empty the box of whiskey before you packed your belongings in there? LOL Packing is always a chore. Can't wait to hear more.


    1. High class, right?!?! We are so not above using free boxes that we snag from behind stores!

    2. Girl, I understand! Every time we have moved it has been an assortment of boxes. And you did get them from the "package" shop right? I mean you do have a package.... LOL!!



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