My First Date with G-Man

For the past several months the children and I have had a new weekly tradition:  One weeknight a child goes with me to do the weekly grocery shopping, and we get a bite to eat at a place of their choosing.

They love it.  *I* love it.  It has a been a wonderful thing for us to do together.

This has only included the four oldest children.  But lately, G has become interested in what was going on...and put in that he wanted a turn.

So, he got a turn.

How he fits so much personality into one precious little body, I surely don't know.

His table manners aren't quite as good as his older siblings...

Drumming on his seat with chopsticks

 ....and he is a little bit of a fruitcake...

He kept saying, "Take my video. Take my video!"

....but he might get a turn worked in every other cycle or so.

Now that he is not taking afternoon naps, his bedtime is 7 p.m....so we were out past his bedtime.

So my very gentlemanly date?  He fell asleep on me:

But I forgive him!

1 comment:

  1. How great! I know I say this every time, but your Gabriel reminds me so much of my 4yo it is unbelievable. What a cutie. And what a great tradition, to be able to give each kid some special time while accomplishing a weekly chore. Awesome.



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