Chicken Stomp

I am busy putting together our yearly photo book that is our gift to grandparents every Christmas. Jas has the day off and I have been holed away creating it all. day. long.  

(Every year I plan to work on it along and along - like when January is over, I go ahead and pick the best January pics.  That would be a GREAT idea.  Yes, it would.  But I am a procrastinator, and I (apparently) only work when I have to work on a deadline. So every December finds me furiously working to get these books ready.  But maybe I'll do better next year...hope springs eternal!)

I am working my way through all the pictures from 2015 as fast as a mama can.  But it is hard.  As I am going through the pictures, I am coming across gems.  Of course I am.  

Some I have posted on FB already, and forgot to record here on our family blog.  But I don't want to forget!

Like this little sequence....

A few weekends ago we were all 8 out there working with the chickens.  Well, Jas was actually working, some children were helping him, some were "helping" him...and  then I looked over and Noah was helping Abigail hold a chicken, which she very badly wanted to do:

She looked adoringly at her helpful big brother:

Here she is working hard and concentrating, and I bet anything she is grunting (I can totally "hear" the grunt she makes when she is working hard):

But then it was time to put the New Hampshire down:

At first, A acted like a cool customer...like she held chickens every day:

But then she broke out in dance, thrilled that she'd been able to get her precious little hands on one of those things!

Sometimes a girl just has to let loose and dance!

(Yes, she is wearing jammies, don't judge me.  And no, I would never (and I repeat never) let her leave the house with her hair looking like this!)

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