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Name withheld to protect the identity of the....lazy:

We are studying the Hellenic and Hellenistic ages of Greece.  As we read about Alexander the Great and all his exploits and conquests, one child piped up:

"All that battling and conquering is crazy.  I'd rather stay home and read a good book!"


Elisabeth has developed such a sweet (and quick!) sense of humor, and I love it when she surprises me with some of her wit...

Elisabeth and I just made a new batch of whipped body butter.  We were almost out here at our house and we want to gift some to the girls' piano teacher when they have the last lesson of the year in a couple of weeks.

After the two hispanic pecan orchard workers helped us get T-Bone back in the pasture Monday, I asked them if I could buy them some lunch.  They politely declined, saying that wasn't necessary.  So as Elisabeth and I were brainstorming what we could do for them to show our gratefulness, she suggested, "How about we give them some homemade body butter?!?"

Thankfully I could tell by the grin and sparkle in her eyes that she was joking!  (We ended up going a different direction, which I bet they appreciated!  I can't imagine the looks I would have gotten if I'd taken some body butter over to them!)


A couple evenings ago we were all out in the frontyard and driveway bidding goodbye to the R family who'd been here visiting, when Papa drove by on his way to his farm.  (He ended up turning around and coming back to visit, since he saw that we were all outside.)

One of the children said, "Gabriel, do you know who that was?"

Gabriel replied, "That was my friend, Papa! That was my boy, Papa!"

So sweet!

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