Our Funny Boys

As we opened our Bins 'O Christmas decorations, the two older boys came across little bittie trees that we used 5 years ago.

We aren't using them anymore because 5 years ago we had 3 children (I'm pausing to let that sink into my brain...5 years ago right now we had three littles...we grew by three children in less than 4.5 years...God, you are so good!).


We only have three little trees.  We had them so the three kiddos could each have their own individual Jesse Tree to decorate.

Daniel and Noah asked if they could use two of the little trees.  I acquiesced...a little hesistantly (you never know what these two will be up to).

In a little bit they called me into their room to show me their masterpieces.

Trees A La Daniel and Noah.

Daniel has a Lego Hero Factory Tree (of course)...

 ...and Noah has a Car Tree (of course):

Daniel - who is all about details - even made a skirt for his tree:

Not familiar with Lego Hero Factory?  Consider yourself lucky.  This turquoise thing on Daniel's tree is a "Brain Attack":

Noah's decorations are a little more tame.  Besides the cars (in their boxes, mind you)...Noah also has this car-related ornament that he loves, that Nai Nai so appropriately gave him several years ago:

These boys crack me up!

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