Abigail's Finalization Hearing

We were on the docket for 9:00 a.m.

The eight of us rushed in strolled into the courthouse at about 8:55 a.m.  

At 9:20 we were loading back up in the Silver Bullet.  

Quick business, but oh-so-important.

The older children were so disappointed that we didn't actually go into the courtroom ("We want to see criminals!")....but Jas and I were very happy to just meet with our lawyer and the judge in this side room.  

Judge D - who has seen us with previous adoptions - was again so nice.  He made small talk and chatted with the older children a bit.  I was glad the meeting didn't take longer than it did, as G (sitting in my lap) discovered that the table in front of us made a very fine drum for his sticks fingers, thankyouverymuch.  

After exchanging pleasantries and looking over all the papers that were very much in order and straightforward...the judge stood up.  Done.  

Judge D bid us a Merry Christmas and "God Bless You."  And I responded as I always do when someone says that to me, "He certainly has!"

Abigail is finally, irrevocably, forever-and-ever-amen ours.  We've known it for months....but golly, is it ever nice to have the judge agree with us!

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