Christmas Parade - 2014

We have continued to cross things off our Fun Things To Do in December list.

We recently went to our (very small) town's Christmas parade.  We love going to this - and the homecoming parade - every year.

It was especially cold this night - by Deep South standards anyway.

We had Abigail all bundled up and tucked in her car seat carrier...

...but with how interested she is in everything, I didn't think she'd be content to stay there for too long.

And I was right.  She wanted to get out and watch the festivities with the rest of us.

You almost can't see G, smiling his famous "smile" down in front of me.

G was fascinated by everything.  It is so much fun watching and experiencing things like this through G's eyes now...and we'll get to do it again with A in a couple more years.

G loved the tractor in the parade.

The tractor pulling the nativity scene:

And with his love for music, G was enthralled by the marching band.

And when a train cut right throw downtown and halted the parade - with the band right in front of us - I couldn't help but laugh!

And then - I can't believe I didn't get a picture of this - a Howdown Country Christmas float came by, blasting some sweet Country Christmas music.  The float had people dancing a jig on it.  And a clothesline.  Complete with some underwear hanging on it...flapping in the wind.

I truly love living in a small town....and I love these parades!

And while we'll get to see it all again through A's eyes in a couple years...definitely not this year.  Somehow, despite all the excitement of the tractor and train and underwear...A fell asleep, and happily snoozed in my arms through most of it.

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