Elisabeth is Eleven!

Ok, Elisabeth is actually 11 years and 1 month now…but in the four weeks since we got the call that a birth mom chose us, I haven’t posted anything besides baby Baby BABY!   

But there has been other stuff going on here…and now that I can breathe again, I’m going to try to catch up and document other goings on in our family from the past few weeks.

My first baby – forever my "baby" – is officially 11 years old now. 

She has – seemingly all of a sudden – grown from a chubby-faced little imp into a beautiful and amazing young woman. 

As much as she loves soccer, this girly girl would rather wear a dress or skirt than anything else. 

Elisabeth's hair is right now longer than it has ever been in her life.  She is growing it out to donate it...and hopes to have it long enough in the next few months here.

Elisabeth loves to work in the kitchen, so she and I get to spend much good mama/daughter time together that way...but she and her daddy have a beautiful love/love thing going on also.  

This picture below makes my heart smile:  Jas - having just teased and messed with Elisabeth - is grinning and pretending nothing happened - while Elisabeth pretends she minds...but her adoring smile tells otherwise.

Jas and I are the most blessed-est parents, and this girl started it all.  Parenting her has always been such a joy.

We love you so much, Libeth - and we're so proud of you, baby girl.  Keep seeking Him, striving to know Him and make Him known.

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