Midnight marked the end of the 10-day window where A could "revoke her surrenders." (The papers that the parents sign are called "surrenders", at least by our agency.)

And now I feel like I can breathe freely again.

I realized a few days ago that I was inadvertently "holding my breath" until that time period was over.  I couldn't bring myself to post anything (although I have much to post about...always).  I just wanted to get to the other side of that window.


Getting to meet A in person and spending several hours with her over two days was - in a word - magical.  I will forever be so, so grateful we had that opportunity.

We didn't have reason to expect that A would subsequently change her mind about signing the surrenders...but I'm glad the window has expired.

And if she had changed her mind and revoked, I would have been heartbroken, but not upset with her...but I'm glad the window has expired.

I know I said that the Lord would be right there with us if she revoked - and He certainly would have - but I'm glad the window has expired.


  1. Happy for your family, Joli. And praying for this birth mama's heart.

  2. Hooray! It is always a wonderful thing to know your child will be yours forever. I'm glad for all of you. Birth mothers are heroes of mine. Noah's birthmother and I have an open adoption and she has told me more times than I can ever count how thankful she is that Noah is where he is and that she is glad she made the decision for him that she did. I'm sure Abigail's birth mom feels the same thing. Hooray for your family on getting to the end of this milestone!
    Laura Parker

  3. Exhaling with you......was mentally counting the days too. ENJOY the weekend. HUGS!
    BTW...she is still ADORABLE! ;)

  4. So happy for you! Enjoy each moment, they grow up way too fast!



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