LK's Note

I mentioned a few days ago that the children are very excited to start adding animals into the mix on our homestead.  Apparently Lily Kay has spent some more time thinking about it.

LK was working away on a project in the school room.  After a little while she came and delivered this handmade "emvelope" to me...

...and asked me to read the note inside.

Dear Mama
I will Love to have one amimal For my Friend

I bragged on my 7-year old's great handwriting, and asked if she had spelled all the words by herself.  She had spelled the note all by herself.

Me:  "LK, how did you know how to spell all of that by yourself?"

LK:  "I just thought about it on my brain."

How....could you say "no" to a sweet request like that?

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  1. Caught up with your family this morning!! :) You are so, so busy there!! How fun to watch your "homestead" evolve! Love watching what you are doing in pictures...what an amazing family experience. Someday it would be amazing to visit!! Blessings, Jennifer



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