Moving Forward on the Homestead....Fencing!

So the fence...

...is officially in.  

We fenced in about 1 1/4 acres.  Here is a birds-eye view of what we did (thanks to Google Maps and Picmonkey):

Looking at different details in the picture, we think this was taken between March and May last year (2013),
after we bought the house, but before we moved in.  AND, we think that is the Silver Bullet
on the street in front of the house...how cool is that?

It almost feels strange to describe it like this, but the whole fence experience felt very blessed.  

From the moment Mr. Mike stepped out of his truck, when he first came to discuss details and give us an estimate...we just loved him.   But we were careful to get another estimate from someone else that was recommended.  I was very afraid that Mr. Mike's estimate was going to come in higher...but it came in at 25% less than the other bid.  Woohoo!

We had a ball being out there watching and talking with the guys during the day and a half it took them to put the fence in.

We knew we loved Mr. Mike, and it turned out that his "employees" were two of his brothers (one of whom is a bi-vocational minister) and an 18-yr old nephew.

Check out Mr. Big-Stuff in his boots.  He can't walk in them without holding my hand...yet.

This mama so appreciated the employees' sweet spirits, and eagerness to explain everything they were doing to the kiddos.  (And I also appreciated that the 18-yr old, Jody, was so willing to discuss Stars Wars and Legos with my kiddos...and sabre fight with them!)

The whole process was very interesting.

E didn't know I was behind her getting this top picture of her.  I think this is adorable: her in her cute outfit...and rubber boots:

Does this look like a girl who is ready - and excited - to hand milk an animal?

She **is** very excited!  And she doesn't want to hear our talk of getting a milking machine...she wants to "do it like Laura and Mary!"

We got so tired "working" out there...

...we had to "supervise" from the trampoline for a while.

I know, no net...bad mama, right?  Our safety net had finally, officially had it.  We need to order another one.

We are all so excited that the fence is in...

...and now we can start filling that pasture up with animals!

More info - and diagrams - about our future plans coming up very soon.

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