Father/Daughter Dance - 2014

Elisabeth and Jas headed out Saturday night, to the annual Father/Daughter Dance.  

Elisabeth looks so forward to this dance every year.  She has been every year since she was 2-years old - except the year it happened when we were in China bringing LK home.  (LK has been once, when she was 4, and nicely requested to never have to do that again.  I think I may make her try it again next year, though...I wouldn't be surprised if she liked it now.)

And they actually dance at the dance...and I hope she never reaches a stage where she stops.

In fact, they danced so hard that Elisabeth's stomach muscles were sore...she thinks from doing "The Wobble."

And my not-so-little girl is still enough of that baby girl who loved her sleep, that staying up that late has caught up with her: as soon as school and lunch were done today, she put on jammies, headed to my bed, and took a several-hour nap!

And here - because I haven't cried enough this week - is a stroll down memory lane of previous Father/Daughter dances:

2013 - 9 1/2-years old

5 1/2-years old - 2009

E was 3 1/2-years old - 2007

E was 2 1/2-years old - 2006

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