Reason #3745 Our Daddy is Awesome

The children learned a game during their Sunday evening church activities that they love.  It's called Four Square.

They've been spending much time playing Four Square out in our driveway the past few weeks.  Over and over again they'd draw their court on the concrete with sidewalk chalk...only to have rain wash it away and have to draw it again later that day or the next day.

Well, they (and Jas and I!) were having so much fun playing this game together that Jas got a grandiose idea in his cute head.

And like the homemade soccer goals Jas made for the children, he made this idea happen.

A (Semi) Permanent Four Square court in our driveway:

Jas (of course) looked up the exact dimensions of a regulation Four Square court.

And then he whipped out some of his mad geometry skillz from high school...

...and drew our kiddos a great court!

It won't last forever, but it is much better than the chalk-drawn renditions...

...and we're very thankful our daddy is so cool!


  1. Very cool!! I know some kiddos who would LOVE to recreate this idea and play when you come to visit!!!

  2. What did he use to make it semi permanent?
    He is a good daddy :-D four square is a great family game!



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