The BIGGEST Reason I Love Our New Kitchen

This is a common scene in our kitchen:

All of the big(ger) peeps working away at different kitchen tasks.

None of them them has ever minded helping in the kitchen (Elisabeth downright loves it!)...but in our previous house we simply did not have enough room for everyone to spread out and have their own little workstations in the kitchen to help with something.

While this kitchen is not huge by any means...

...it is big enough for some "Many Hands Make Light Work" action...

...and that makes me smile!


  1. I love the size of your kitchen! The kitchen in our home is pretty small, so there is not enough room for everyone to cook at the same time. We had to place the dining table in another room because there is not enough room for it. A bigger kitchen is definitely at the top of our wish list when we move.



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