Lily Kay...AKA Laura

I mentioned last fall that we had begun reading through the Little House series of books, prompted by our study of Early American History last school year.

Not too long after we moved into our new house we finished the books...all NINE of them.  My kiddos did indeed love them every bit as much as I did growing up...woohoo!  

Because our satellite DSL is HORRIBLE leaves a little to be desired, we are no longer able to stream shows for the children to watch.  And as we don't have cable or regular satellite, that means no television watching at all  (which is actually very fine with me).  But when Jas received an e-mail a few weeks ago and saw that the Amazon Deal-of-the-Day was the entire set of Little House television episodes (9 seasons!) for a **great** price, we couldn't pass it up.  

So, we have now embarked on watching the television series.  I so remember watching and loving these shows when I was growing up.  I was afraid - after we'd spent that money - that the kids might not be interested in the shows.  I had nothing to worry about...they are loving it!

By the way, the children and I always have fun when we read a book (Wizard of Oz, for example) and then watch the movie/show and note the discrepancies (the slippers weren't RED in the book!).  In the books, Ma isn't nearly as "lippy" as she is in the tv show!

The children are fascinated with Laura and Mary...and Nellie (that mean 'ole thing).

Lily Kay in particular, has been interested in Laura.  Well, Laura's hair to be more specific.

Lily Kay's hair has really been getting longer lately.  We can now do pony tails, which we couldn't do for the longest time.  So when she expressed interest in braiding her hair like Laura's, I told her I definitely thought we could pull that off.

One of the first times I braided Lily Kay's hair like this, she stepped back and stroked the braids and said, "This is much pretty!"

I agree wholeheartedly, Lily Kay!


  1. Oh that's our favorite too!!! We sit down as often as possible and watch an episode as a family. And if LK gets really into it, she can borrow a Laura dress from Grace :)

  2. She really is just adorable!

    Susan E

  3. Little House stories and shows are fun! Our children love them. (I do, too) The series has helped my littles with a better understanding of history and how people lived long ago. BTW - I love Lily Kay's hair.

    janet and gang

  4. Lily Kay's hair definitely IS much pretty!

    LOVE your posts to pieces.

  5. I love that your children love reading and I love that they read the books before they watched the video series! I would like to suggest the Louisa Mae Alcott books, which I am certain you have read, for Elizabeth: Little Women, Little Men, Rose in Bloom, etc. I confess I still like getting them out and re-reading them from time to time! Love, love, love a little girl in braids and Lily K is so darn cute in hers!



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