Up and (Sometimes) Running...And Some Funnies

We **finally** have DSL. 

But it is Satellite DSL.  So all the rain and thunderstorms we've had since they hooked up our satellite DSL?  Not so good for our service.

And even when the weather is perfect?  It acts alot more like dial-up service than DSL.  


This is what Jas often reminds me is a "First World Problem."  

But internet service or no...life has not slowed down around here.

And I want to start doing a better job at recording it all again.

I took this picture of my babies on Friday.  Perhaps I'll have time to explain the context of all these matching shirts soon...

...but for now I just want to record some funnies I've heard out of their mouths recently, before they get lost in this mommy-brain.


While Gabriel is much better about not needing absolute silence while he nurses now, the older children know that G does need some semblance of calm around him during that time, lest he become distracted.  Recently when Lily Kay came into the room that G and I were in and when he turned around to see who had come in, Lily Kay politely asked, "Oh, did I extract him?!?!"


I had the children sitting down to do some math this morning.  (We haven't done too good at this the past few weeks, but it is best to keep them doing some math during the summer, otherwise we lose too much hard-fought ground. .)

When Elisabeth hit a fraction question that was tripping her up, she came to find me.  "Mama, what is the number on the bottom called again?  Exterminator?!?!"

(ummmm, that should be denominator, for those of you that are a little rusty at your elementary math.)


Noah mentioned recently that when he grows up he wants some "property", and that he wants me to live on his property also.

Me:  "Oh, Noah, that is so sweet!"

Noah:  "But you'll need to help with the rent and utilities.  OK, mama?"

Well, that only makes sense...now doesn't it?

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