Elisabeth is Ten!

Our (not-so-much-of-a) baby girl is officially ten years old.

"Double digits", as the other children like to say.
I sincerely feel this way with each of my children's birthdays - and I know all other parents understand - but time is seriously flying by. 

It really seems like just yesterday that we saw this precious little face for the first time:

While she is still every bit as precious, we now see glimpses of the beautiful young woman that Elisabeth is becoming.

Kind. Thoughtful. Oh-so-helpful.


It is already easy to see what a good mama Elisabeth is going to be one day.  (And she has said she wants to adopt.)

It is exciting to think about what the Lord may have planned for Elisabeth's future. 

There are so many things she is interesed in...and gifted in.  

Just tonight she mentioned something she does NOT want to do when she grows up (being a mid-wife, actually)...but she mentioned at the end, "Unless the Lord wants me to do that!"

Whatever the Lord does have planned for you, Elisabeth, daddy and I pray that you do it with all your heart, as if serving Him, and not man.  (Eph. 6:7)

Love Him.  Serve Him.  Tell others about Him.  This is why we're here.  This is why you're here, baby. 

And while we're here?  We're so blessed that the Lord chose us to be your mama and daddy.  We love you, Libeth.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET Big E.. Auntie Arica loves you so much!!!!!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness! How come this slips up on us every year?!! A HUGE 10 Happy Birthdays!!! Love from all of us!!



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