Welcome To The Country



This is - apparently - where we live now.

What will you find in the boonies?


Snakes (dead and alive)

BIG 'ol spiders

The biggest ants I have ever seen.  Ever.

What you will NOT find in our neck of the boonies?


The tech came out to "hook us up" a few days ago...but ended up telling us as soon as he pulled up, " We don't do service out here!"

I'm writing this at our old house in town...where my MIL, Arica and I have just spent all week painting the entire house.  Shhhhh...don't tell Linda I'm in here slacking on the job...

Ummm...ok...plan b: Now we hopefully will be getting satellite DSL next Tuesday.

I will likely never have time to go back and document eveything that has happened over the past two weeks.  And there has, of course, been much that happened.

A very important birthday.

A promotion (along with a company car! Woot!)

A home school convention.

My first overnight trip away from Mr. G.

Some major diet changes for two of us, to try to figure out a medical issue.

A visitor from Colorado.

Four visitors from Kansas.

Now that the actual move to the boonies is behind us, and we're getting this "old" house spiffed up....living in town is looking better and better.

Just kidding. Just kidding.

I think.


  1. Post more about the diet change. I'm always interested in that kind of info.

  2. I love the boonies, but it does have its disadvantages, as you have already found! Can't wait to visit your home in the boonies. :)

  3. Hi, it was great to meet you at the convention:)

  4. Now I know why the email communication ceased....lol
    You are taking the "no internet" crisis very well, I might add. I would be frantic. haha

  5. Oh no. No internet! I need pictures!! :)

    janet and gang



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