On The Other Side

We worked hard today, packing up more stuff and then moving stuff with Marissa and Steven.  We worked so hard I didn't get any pictures of that part.

But I did take pictures later...when we played hard with Marissa and Steven, back at our old house.

That yellow blur would be LK...doing a "canonball flip"

This is Daniel in mid-air

This is Noah in mid-flip

And this - much to my admiration - is Marissa in mid-flip

We twisted their arms and made them stay and eat Chinese with us tonight, from our favorite little local Chinese place.

 The kiddos - well, actually, all of us - had just a little fun with Steven and Marissa today.

 The kiddos talked Steven into a last-minute game of kickball right before they left.

And I talked them into letting me take pictures of all of them together right before they left.

Gabriel has just started making this funny scrunched up face...oh joy.
 Oh, yes, this is much better, now G is just flat out sticking his tongue out at me:

I had to get this last post in before we move in the morning...because, well, I have no idea when I'll be able to post again.  Or get on the internet at all (shudder).  It just occurred to Jas and I a few days ago to check into internet service at our new house.  Nothing like planning ahead, I know.  Anyway, Jas got us signed up this afternoon...but we now have no idea how long it will be before we actually have service.  

No e-mail?
No Pinterest?
No blogging?

I'll see you on the other side...if I survive.

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