Tagging Along

We were extremely blessed to be able to tag along with daddy on his business trip to Orlando last week.  

It was the same conference (and same hotel) that we got to tag along on three years ago:

LK had only been home 3 months and still had her cute little pixie cut.   The kiddos were 6, 6, 5, and 4.

I'd feel better if you click here and read about that first trip...because I'm bawling like a big baby looking back at pictures of all my cute little babies...and I hate to cry alone.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yes, that first trip was also the time when I forgot to pack one very important category of clothes.

We had a blast at the amazing pool last time...but when we headed down to swim the first morning of this trip, we found out that they'd gone and remodeled and made the pool area even more awesome-ER!!!

Don't ask me what Daniel is doing here.  I just hope it's not the start of a new phase.

And I'm just guessing here, but I think Gabriel approved of the pool area also.

He may have liked the baby splash and swing area...

...and the big zero-entry pool:

Side note: Why do daddies feel the need to throw children in the air?  This scares me to death.
At least it was over water this time, and not hard ground.

Another side note:  Evidence that my oldest daughter...

...is a photobomber:

This trip differed from our previous trip in several ways.

1.  Daddy got to swim with us more during this trip - (two times instead of only once)

2.  Gaylord Palms upgraded us (for free and without us even asking) to a suite last time.  This time, when we called ahead of time to see if we could get a suite (we were going to pay the difference over what his bank would pay for a regular room) they couldn't upgrade us because the entire hotel was full.  So -  do the math with me - that means 7 people in one room that (thankfully) had two queen beds.  Interesting.

...and finally...

3.  One of those 7 people was a 14-mo. old.

Let's camp out on #3 for a minute, shall we.  Mmmmm....as much of a shock as this may be, traveling with a 14-mo. old CHANGES THINGS!  Wow, even more so than I thought it would.  Duh, Joli.

Thankfully, I did remember to bring Mr. G's pack-n-play. (Unlike the last time we spent the night with the S family two months ago and I totally forgot to pack it!)

But, as you might imagine, Mr. G didn't want to lay down and drift off to sleep when there was so many other interesting things (and people!) in the room!

So he'd do this:

...pop up next to us, and look all around to see where the party was.  (We were being as quiet as possible.)  He wasn't upset - he was quite happy and animated, actually - he just wasn't having any part of sleeping.

He literally would do this popping up bit about 30 times at every naptime and bedtime...and one time in the middle of the night.

So, more than once he just ended up between Jas and I on our bed...where he'd promptly drift right off to sleep.  Little rascal.

We had a wonderful 3 nights and 4 days in Orlando.  And, ummm, not much work got done on the new house for several days during "Week 5".  

This bothered me and I actually had considered the kiddos and I staying behind so that we could continue to work while Jas was out of town.

And if you believe that last sentence, I have some ocean-front property in Colorado that I would like to sell you.

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